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It is a largest complex of  a natural woodland (firbeench) of the Carpathian type in the Czech Republic. You will find there a mosaic of forest cover , small forest meadows  , which are called pollan , and many springs and rocks. National Natural Reservation Mionší is home for more than 110 species of vertebrates and out of this number 73  species are birds.The Mionší reservation is also famous for its species richness of mushrooms, which i sone of the most important mycological locality in our country.The public has now a special opportunity to experience marginal parts of this „Jungle „ thanks to the  nature trai created in 2005.

The Mionší nature trail is conceived as a 7 km long circuit with 10 stops equipped with information panels. The aim of this special nature trail is to allow visitors to see at least a part of a legendary „VIRGIN FOREST“. While this sightseeing please maintain a peace and quiet. The track is avaliable for tourist from 1st June till 15th of September. Behind this term of visiting it will be dismantled. Attention , this path is intended only for visitors „ on foot“ ‚walking) . Please note that access to the Mionší National Nature Reserve outside the trail is strictly  banned. The trail is marked with wooden arrows with the emblem of the grouse  , but just at the crossroads.

What can you learn about the nature trail?

You will familiarize yourself with huge amount of  native inhabitants of mountains , fauna and flora

What are the differences between normal economic  forest and thr natural one.

How does the natural forest works and what are dry and broken woods good for ?

How was this harsh region colonized by people

You will get also many interesting information about the life of a local highlanders ,attractive information about local hunters and forests .

why and how the Mioni area has been protected for more than 100 years from being used by people.


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