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Mobile tourist guide Jablunkov

Mobile tourist guide is an application to promote tourism. It offers users immediate information about points of interest (POIs), hospitality, or services in the area. The application also allows you to view news from the cultural and social events of the region. The information is regulated by the municipality or region itself. It is possible to offer users the latest information.


The application is designed for all types of smartphones with the Android or iOS operating system.


Main advantages

– quality tourist map materials

– off-line mode (the application works even in the field without mobile operator signal coverage)

– voice guide (MP3 / speech synthesis)

– multilingual design

– updating of tourist destinations (POIs) from the websites of cities, municipalities, micro-regions or LAGs

– display of current cultural events from the immediate vicinity

– provides information about tourist attractions in text, image and especially in voice form in three language versions (Czech, Polish, English)

– its free


How to get the Mobile Tourist Guide application for the city of Jablunkov and its surroundings

All you have to do is connect to the internet and search for the application using Google Play with the keyword “Galileo mobile guide” and then follow the instructions of the device. After opening the installed application, upload the map of Jablunkov and you can go. The guide will warn you free of charge and without the need for a signal or wi-fi connection to the most interesting and important places in Jablunkov and the surrounding area and will tell you a lot of interesting information.

You can also load the QR code to download the application.

qr kód pro zařízení android


qr kód pro zařízení apple


qr kód pro zařízení windows phone

Windows phone