Every year we hold two movie festivals. 

THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF OUTDOOR MOVIES  –  is a competitive touring cine-meeting of outdoor films. Within last fourteen years it has become one of the largest touring festivals in the World. In 2016 IFOF visited 50 places in Czech and Slovak Republic. IFOF focuses on sport and outdoor, adventure, extreme, adrenalin and travel film.

Including fim authors from around the world (film studios, national and private TV companies, on both professional and amateur level). IFOF films transport us to various places of our planet. Many of them have have big social as well as emotional impact. Outdoor film documentaries show unique and unrepeatable real-life experience.

 INDIAN MOVIE SUMMER – the centre of festival is cinema in Bystřice , then part of projections takes part in Třinec and Jablunkov. The Czech, Polish and Slovak films are presented at the festival in three sections. The first organizers go to the “golden fund” of all participating cinematographies and present a retrospective audience with time-tested prominent film directors. The second part is a director’s debut, and in the third part, the audience can see the best that was shot in the last year in the participating cinemas.
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