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Under a peak Girová which is the top of the village Bukovec are situated Devils mills. Devils mills are group of rocks with caves which had been covered .According to the legends in period of Janošik ,there had been hiding bandits. Later caves were used by devils who were planning to mistle unjust humanity in their  stone mills. It is also said that witches were living there.

An access to these mills is possible from Girova chalet. Through an unmarked path which goes around firebone , you will enter a forest. Then continue your „special“ trip to rocks. Here you can admire the beauty of the nature . After that experience go in the same direction till you will find a  green mark , which will be situated next to the previous ski lift.


There are many possibilities how to go to rhe Girova Chalet (peak). One of them starts in Mosty u Jablunkova , from this point you will follow red tourist sign , which will také you to the Girova . This track is about 5km.

Then you can also choose a shorter just 2km track . If you make this decision , you will start your trip in Bukovec.

The last option is to start your journey in Jablunkov . This way is the longest , because it has about 7km . If you are ready for this , follow green tourist mark from Jablunkov, so you could reach Girova peak.


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