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Tips for Trips


Jablunkov is a beautiful city with many historical monuments, but also with places that directly invite you to walk. From the starting point - Mariánské náměstI (square) you

Trojmezi is located near Hrcava village , it is a point where borders of three countries  (Czech Republic , Poland and Slovakia ) meet. In 1995 there were

  It is a largest complex of  a natural woodland (firbeench) of the Carpathian type in the Czech Republic. You will find there a mosaic of forest cover ,

In Dolní Lomná you can visitt a new  opened experience cetre Ursus.  In the center you can learn about the life in the Beskydy Mountains, their beauties and

    The most eastern point of the  Czech Reoublic is situated  Bukovec village. There is a 500m long track , which leads to this magical point.  The route

Under a peak Girová which is the top of the village Bukovec are situated Devils mills. Devils mills are group of rocks with caves which had been covered

Near the previous  trade route, which has been linking in recent years Silesia with Slovakia, on a cliff between Bystřice and Jablunkov was situated many years ago a