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Gírová chalet

Gírová chalet

There are many ways how to get to Girová chalet. We want to present you the one , which starts in Jablunkov and will lead you to the final destination.

Start of your trip:

From Jablunkov follow green tourist sign –next stop Ameryka areal . This areal provide you two outdoor swimming pools , bowling , restauarants , climbing centre and many others. As you will be following the green sign you will come to the Hotel Polanka . Hotel Polanka can offer you an outdoor summer swimming pool, bowling , tenis court and a ski lift with a slope.  After visiting Hotel Polanka go to your goal Girova Chalet , which is famous for its unforgettable views – views to the Beskydy and Mala Fatra.

For more info go to the : http://chatagirova.cz


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